What is Christmas and why is it celebrated?

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Christmas is a festival of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrate on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration of people around the world.Christmas Day is a public holiday in Many of the world's Nations  is celebrated religiously by a majority of Christians,as well as many non-Christians, and Christians celebrate the holiday season around it.In the world schools, college and company in public holiday in the 25th December school and college in celebration , students are presenting the dance ,story of Jesus etc.

Why celebrate the Christmas?

  The Nativity of Jesus, delineated in the New Testament says that Jesus was born in the Bethlehem.When Joseph and Mary arrived in the city that time the hospice had no room, no one ready to give the place in his house Mary and Joseph around the village he and she tired finnaly got a place in shepherd's home so they were offered a stable where the christ was soon born, with angles announce this news to shepherds who then further disseminated the information about the Christ child.

Although the month and date of Jesus's birth are unknown, the church in the early  the date as December. This corresponds to the date of the winter solstice on  Roman calendar. Most of Christians celebrate on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar, which has been adopted almost universally in the civil calendar used in countries throughout the world. However, some Eastern Christian Churches celebrate Christmas on December 25 of the older Julian calendar, which is January date in the Gregorian calendar. For Christians, believing that God came into the world in the from of a man to atone for the sins of humanity, rather than knowing Jesus citation birth date, is considered to be the purpose in celebrating Christmas. The place where Jesus was born which is relate to sun bright.

The celebratory customs associated in various countrie with Christmas have a mix of pre-Christian and Christian, and origins. In addition, several closely related and often nagotiable figures, known as Santa Claus,  Saint Nicholas,Father Christmas, and Christkind, are associated with bringing gift to children in the Christmas season and have their own body of traditions and belief. Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas fastival, the holiday has become a significant event  and businesses. The economical impact of Christmas has grown steadily over the past few centuries in some regions of the world and also keep the celebration and join the holiday.
Christmas is celebrate to remember the lord Jesus,he was born at that time that place is on lighting in shepherd's house which is the great day and it is known by Christmas day in the say santa Claus gives gifts,this fastival is Christian's new year, celebrate the day and make as happy people are give  promise to God and Christians are believe that God will fulfill the wishes.

Maker Sankranti 2020.
What is Christmas and why is it celebrated?
Holi : a Joyful and Colorful Festival.

Personal and food Etiquette .

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(A) Personal Etiquette .
  • There are certain things for a person to do. They are known as personal grooming or personal etiquette Let learn about  'personal etiquette’.
  • Grooming means making our look a good and clean Our appearance should be nice to look at For this there are certain things that can help. In such things we can include clothes, gestui es and postures. If we me good our personality becomes attractive. People Will like us. Our respect grows. This gives us confidence. We can become a different person. A good impression is created by following etiquette.
  • How can it be done? There are lots of people around us. We should observe them. There are some people well groomed.We can learn from them. According to our social surrounding and work place we can follow them.
  • They put on good clothes. Good doesn't mean costly or fashionable. They should be neat and clean and pressed. According to a situation formal or informal clothes can be put on; Avoid tight fitting clothes. Also avoid loose clothes as well. They should'ihatch your personality and work both. We are living in a certain social surrounding so it must not be avoided while choosing clothes.
  • Keep your age in mind. Your height or body alsoplays an important role In routme work neither formal nor informal but balance of the two should be maintained. So much simple clothes Spoil the image. Too colourful and casual creates bad image.
  •  Wash your. hair at least twice in a week. Use a  good shampoo. Keep your hair neat and trimmed.
  • Keep your nails clipped and filed.
  • Use light perfumes or body spray. According to your body basics use them and be careful in their use as well.
  • Your footwear should be comfortable for walking. Keep them clean and polished.
  • People always watch you. So walk properly. stand properly. When you stand the weight of the body should be on both the legs. Stand upright but be relaxed. Even When you are sitting the posture should be decent.
  • There are no written rules or norms but our behaviour should be polite. It should be accepted to all. It should not cross our social ethics.
  • If we know etiquette we can win people We can become successful easily. We feel good and people will also feelgood. Don‘t we expect such people? And so other people also expect the same from us. There 1s no doubt they will respect you.
  • And yes whenever you find such people don't fail to appreciate themfail ‘ to appreciate them.

(B) Food Etiquette

  • We eat everyday, but we don't know how to eat. We eat at home, at a restaurant or on some occasions. If we don't eat with manners, we may become funny. Take care ofthe following things.
  • Before eating, hands should be washed properly.Even after eating, clean your hands with a soap or lemon.
  • Take small bites.
  • Chew well Eat slowly, do not swallow.
  • No noise should came out. No doubt noise of crispy things may be there, but unnecessary sound must not come.
  • Take food as much as you want. We should not waste food as there are lots of people who don’t have any food.
  • Dish should be c1ean.1t means things should not be left scattered in the dish.
  • Keep the dish comfortable before you so that nothing is dropped outside.
  • Liquid things should be near you so that you can take it easily.
  • Eating area should remain clean. Some people drop eatables outside so the dining table, the floor, or the carpet becomes dirty. It creates very bad impression.
  • If you are on a dining table. arrange plates according to your suitability.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Let all the things be served. If there is the host let him start first.
  • If there is not a host you should start when everything is served.
  • If you want anything ask others to pass it but you shouldn't stretch your hands.
  • If the soup is hot don't blow it, because it may come out. This is not a good habit. Moreover one may have viral disease, like cold. You can take a little and try. Let it be somewhat cold, so that you can take it. Also take care you don't drop it.
  • In restaurants a handkerchief ts given, Before eating spread it on your thighs so that anything is dropped your cloths will not be dirty.
  • A after cleaning the hands, put it folded
  • When you finish put your fork and spoon upsidc down and crossed. It indicates that you have finished. If you are in a party orra dining table, then wait for others to finish.
  • Never wash hands in the dish It is the ugliest thing. Use the finger bowl or washbasin
  • Keep your mouth clean after eating.
  • Take mouth freshener so that your mouth doesn’t smell.
  • These manners make you an impressive person. They show that you are civilized . Why shouldn't good things begin with us ?
What is personal etiquette?
What is table manners and etiquette?

List of Important Days & Dates 2020 (National & International): Month-Wise

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List of Important Days & Dates 2020 (National & International): Month-Wise.
  • which day is in our world, Holiday means week end and yearly festival different different holidays are in the world.our observed holiday is when a public holiday is celebrated which might not be the actual is declared to official event by custom or by law on which nornal activites.Genrally,holidays are intended to allow individual celebrate or tradition of cultural.
  • usally in the india celebrate multipal fastival which is new year's Day,chrismas,independence Day,makarsankranti,these are the celebrate in the specific day which is the celebrate the days all year.
  • Americans celebrate independence Day ,celebrating the signing of the Declaration of independence in 1776.
  • Other secular holiday are observed nationally internationally, and across multi-country regions.
  • Not only official holidays are available but also unofficial holidays are there these holiday are not traditionally marked on celenders.many holidays are linked to related  regions.
  • which are hindus,sikh,parsi,momadian etc. over indians are celebrate the date wise holidays,holiday is one day or many days(one type of vacation).
  • over county gives the holiday in week end people enjoy the week end and second type of holiday is vacation type holiday it is enjoy all family mambers are going to mini tour or in house party and enjoing the holiday, over people are relex and  make it stressless, Holiday gives you happyness childrens much happy becouse of the he/she don't like study so he/she always want holidays and playing in the holiday. many country are gives to his country own holiday and celebrate the all county and enjoyind the holiday.
  • famous hodiday are new year is the most celebrate in the world,here is information about holiday in the year,april fools,chrismas,diwali,chinise new year,mother's day ,father's day.
  • month wise holidays are in USA(2019),

  • New year's day(1st jan),Epiphany(6th jan),Martin luther king'birthday(21 jan).
  • Groundhog day(2nd feb),Chinese new year(5th feb),Lincon's birthday(12nd feb),Valentine's day(14th feb),Washington's birthday(18th feb).
  • mardi gras(5th march),Ash wednesday(6th march),purim(20 march) .                                        
  • april fool's day(1st april),palm sunday(14th april),passover(19th april),good friday(19th april),ester(21th april).
  • May day(1st may),First day of ramadan(5th may),Cinco de mayo(5th may),VE-Day(8th may),Mother's day(12th may),Memorial day(27th may).
  • Eid al-fitr(3rd june),Shavuot(8th june),Pentecost(9th june),Flag day(14th june),Father's day(16th june).
  • Independence day(4th july).
  • Eid al-adha(10th august),Muharram(31st august).
  • Labor day(2nd sept.),Rosh hashanah(29th sept.).
  • Columbus day(4th october),Yom kippur(8th october),Sukkot(13th october),Diwali(27th october),Halloween(31st october).
  • All saint's day(1st nov.),Election day(5th nov.),Mawlid al-nabi(9th nov.),Veterans day(11th nov.),Thanksgiving(28th nov.)
  • First sunday of advent(1st dec.),hannukkah(22nd dec.),christmas(25th dec.),kwanzaa(26th dec.),new year's eve(31st dec.).
there are a lot of holidays within the year.Holiday-festival celebrate in Country 

fact of adidas shoes.

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fact of adidas shoes.

  fact: adidas orignal shoes is very costly but smooth and stay long life,main fact is adidas shoes make in the garbage of empty bottle which was in the though in sea or any osean.collect the plastic and recycle ocean plastic and then make the the shoes. last year in 2018 it sold over 1million pairs of these shoes. each pair taken 11 plastic bottles to make.

what is the adidas?
It become three stripes become trademark for the adidas,The three stripes come from their 3 stiped shoe design,but also from the shape of a mountain.


adidas first released the superstar on the basketball court in 1970.The innovative technology of these shell-toe shoes gained recognition among NBA pro basket ball players,and it's easy to see why adidas popular among the masses. the first shoe on the court that had next level grip and durability while staying light ad faxible.

why adidas shoes?

adidas shoes prefer the people mostly becose it is more comfatable,many types of adidas shoes are available in the markat  like snekers,sport,loffers multiple options are there in the stock.

Asphalt 8: Airborne MOD APK 4.6.0j (Unlimited Money)

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Asphalt 8: Airborne MOD APK 4.6.0j (Unlimited Money) 
Here we talk about and list down the newest feature of the Asphalt 8 Airborne Mod Apk. Read down below and have the best gaming experience.
For most gamers of the newest version of Asphalt 8 Airborne is much considered to be the best and great racing games that give them four exceptional options of different great controls such as steering tilt, steering tap, steering tilt for brakes and desired acceleration. Furthermore, the upgraded physic and maps with dynamic weather are the things that give you the most realistic and best racing experience on your mobile device.
With Asphalt 8  Mod Apk, find roughly 190 high-performance bikes and cars that can push beyond its limt

Features of Mod Asphalt 8 Game
  • Unlimited Credits Features
  • Unlimited Tokens
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Free Shopping
  • Max Levels
  • Max Stars
  • Great time multiplier booster
  • Opponents will not use nitro
  • Unlock full races
  • Unlock full tracks
  • Anti-ban in the mode of single-player

Deluxe Desire Cars

  • 47 automobiles with high-performance
  • Top suppliers that are licensed with models like Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Veneno, Pagani Zonda R, and Ferrari FXX.

 Obtain Airborne

  • Struck the game ramps and above the game track take your race.
  • Works barrel rolls and wild jumps for 360º.

Brand -New Exciting and exotic places

  • Race in different 9 setups including French Guiana, Venice, the Nevada Desert, Iceland, and other exciting great places!
  • Occupation method has mirror variations, and all tracks are initial
  • Discover and find different concealed shortcuts.

In Asphalt 8 Airborne Mod Apk there are new attributes for rated fans

  • Asynchronous races to dare pals with your favorite automobiles.

Songs that can Rev Your Heart

  • A mix of impressive and certified music that is heart-thumping within the video game.
  • Showcasing original tracks from The Crystal Approach, Mutemath, and Bloc Party.

Details of Asphalt 8 Mod APK

Name of the applicationAsphalt 8 Mod APK
Developer NameGameloft
Android Version4.0+
APK Version4.6.0
Size of the app80 MB
Gameplay Screen


 This newest version of Asphalt allows you to have the best gaming experience and enjoyment to the extent that you do not need to worry about money, nitrous, and credits.

Netflix MOD APK Download {Premium, 100% Working}

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Netflix MOD APK Download {Premium, 100% Working}

Because today’s post is going to be very special, Today I am going to share the modified version of Netflix app which name is “Netflix MOD Apk” with you. With the help of which you will be able to watch all the premium shows and movies of Netflix app without username and password.
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So I decided to share this good way to watch Netflix shows and movies. This app has the same interface as Netflix app, everything is the same looking like official only some changes have been made.
This Netflix MOD APK is only for those persons who are not affording paid subscriptions. Downloading is prohibited for those who can afford Netflix subscription.

Netflix MOD Apk Features

MULTIPLE – Language

Step 2. After Downloading, Go to setting >> Security and Enable Unknown Sources and allow Third-party apps installing.
Step 3. Now Return back to download folder and click on the APK file that you downloaded, Now installing process will begin.