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fact of adidas shoes.

fact of adidas shoes.

  fact: adidas orignal shoes is very costly but smooth and stay long life,main fact is adidas shoes make in the garbage of empty bottle which was in the though in sea or any osean.collect the plastic and recycle ocean plastic and then make the the shoes. last year in 2018 it sold over 1million pairs of these shoes. each pair taken 11 plastic bottles to make.

what is the adidas?
It become three stripes become trademark for the adidas,The three stripes come from their 3 stiped shoe design,but also from the shape of a mountain.


adidas first released the superstar on the basketball court in 1970.The innovative technology of these shell-toe shoes gained recognition among NBA pro basket ball players,and it's easy to see why adidas popular among the masses. the first shoe on the court that had next level grip and durability while staying light ad faxible.

why adidas shoes?

adidas shoes prefer the people mostly becose it is more comfatable,many types of adidas shoes are available in the markat  like snekers,sport,loffers multiple options are there in the stock.