How to find online content.

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Find the online content 

When we try to find out any information with the help of an intemet browser like that of 'internet explorer' or 'Mozilla F irefox' the search engine will bring you millions of results. There are some search engines but “Google has become an indispensable tool.” We cannot find desired information and it may take time and so we need to narrow down our search.
  • Use key words for finding anything 
  • There's a method known as Boolean. We can use 'and', 'or', 'not' words in between the key words. The computer will understand the message and according to your wish the result would be achieved. We can also use '+' or '-' signs to add or to omit. If we don't know this we should know a URL-Uniform Resource Locator. It is actually the website address. .
  • Fixed phrase will help you. 
  • Use search engines like;; etc 
  • Combine all these tips together. 


Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

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               Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

           It seems that we have been pushed down under a great wave of e-things. The sea of 'e' seems to be very larger Which in reality isn't. We are living in cities or comparatively a place that can be said to be developed that's why we are talking of it and hear the word 'e' now and then either for e-govenance, e-banking or like that. Computer friendly people, highly intelligent men, and scholar academicians know nething about hardcore reality that's prevailing in far cornered places or villages where prevail plenty. of problems of drinking water, sanitation, health, electricity, transportation, communication, and infrastructure.

            Internet is known as www i.e. World Wide Web.  We email to communicate with colleagues, clients and friends. We use search engines such as Google to help us find information. We visit websites to gather specific data or to keep up to date with development in our professional helds. We make travel arrangements or place order for goods online, and much more.”

             Internet provides lots of materials to anyone. There are hundreds of results  of your searched information. This is where confusion takes place which I mentioned earlier. What information is useful to you?. Did you find easily without wasting time? There are problems of its correctness, and its authenticity. So if we are sure of some skillse-learnin g is a fun.Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

            E-learners should find out online things which would be helpful. There are many dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, translation tools. There are audio and video files. Unbelievable number of images and maps, charts and graphs, projects and surveys are available There's the treasure 0f music, movies and other .entertaining things.We can have articles, journa1, magazines,presentations and reports. We can view company. websites, stores, and networks.There are blogs, vlogs; Webcasts and web-conferencing.


Statue of Unity 8th Wonder of the world declared!

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Statue of Unity finds place in '8 Wonders of SCO

Good news for all. statue of unity is declare wonder of world today 14th january 2020.
      This wonder declare by shaghai corporation group(CGO). shaghai group is in the china which is the first group who select first in the asian organization city of shaghai they kept come to meeting and declare wonder of world, it is good news to India as well as Gujrat this is declare in kite festival happy to all listening the news.
      What is statue of unity?

        Statue of unity is the statue of sardar patel(iron man) everyone know this man. everyone happy to listening the news wonder of the world.Unity of statue's hight 597 ft(182metres), which is the world's tallest statue. It is in the Gujarat is on the banks of the river Narmada. It was made in memory of Sardar Patel. He was the leader of India during the independent 1947, he serve the PM (prime minister). Full name of sardar Patel is Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel. Born 31 October 1875 in Nadiyad, Gujrat and died 15 December 1959 in Mumbai ,He was the perfect and kind political. Sardar Patel also drafting the contribution Indian 562 princely states in to Indian Union which is very difficult to joining to Union that work done by sardar Patel, As much as that is less to say sardar Patel we proud feel by that man,
       So, decide  to  our PM make statue, project was first  annaunced in 2010 It was done in 250 engineers and employeed over 3000 workers   are also big part of the construction, The core of the statue used 210,000 cubic metres of cement concrete, 18500 tonne of reinforced steel 6500 tonne of structural steel,  The outer balcony is made up of 1700 tonnes of bronze plate and 1850 tonne of bronze cladding which in turn comprise 565 macro and 6000 micro panels.

  The statue of unity which was divide  in Five Zone in the only three are accessible for the public in the first zone have a three level which include mezzanine ,roof and exhibition area there in first zone in Musium and garden , second zone reached sardar patel's thighs thighs ,third zone viewing gallery, forth zone maintain the area, fifth zone comprises shoulder, head, neck, 200 people's are hold. That is the statue of unity today declare to wonder of world.
8th wonder of the world
wonder of the world
statue of unity
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Why celebrate sankranti? about kite festival-Makar Sankranti 2020

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Why Makar sankranti(kite fastival)? 

     Makarsankranti is a festival in the indian calender calebrate in 14th or 15th january ,when the sun transist east to north(makar) which day our the people called makar sankranti or uttrayana or maghi or kite festival end of the month sun rise to makar.

      most special of this festival celebrated by hindus,in the morning people wake up and do pray sun god(surya) they give the wishes making happy in life,makar sankranti celebrated in india reffered to by different names among different different the northen india's sikhs and hindus are call it lohri,central indians known by the name sukarat,assam's hindus call it bhogali bihu,in the tamil nadu,southerns are call it pongal and wastrns hindu call it uttrayana.

makar sankranti festival celebrate all right but how it celebrate?

      our are celebrate other festival in india in which makar sankranti is also celebrated with lots of fun and decoration,people wear new cloths and made of gur and til,some place in india in people celebrate to eaten khichdi,in the beginning of farming season farmer works hard in these makar sankranti day's put the work and celebrate lohri with food,folk dance. in the tamil nadu people eat rise with fresh milk and jaggery also on this day and celebrate the festival. these the festival is also in mahabharata that means these the festival has been around 2000 years,that day people visited in rivers or lakes and bathe while thanking sun which is part of this day sun meet his son that's why celebrate the festival.

    some peoples are donete the some items which used full to poor people who need ,ln this festival is come to winter poor or underprivileged need the some items like food,blankets,clothes,etc are usefull the people who need this things.

    in that day childrens,young everyone flying the kite befor the night they ready to kites and threads also with ready to put speckes and early morning have wake up and going to fly kite if the cut others kite shouthing and enjoy that day. in the winter's days are going to be shorten and nights going to be longer these days are we called makar sankranti after the makar sankranti days going to be longer and nights going to be shorten.
   makar sankranti is a public holiday childrens are happy to come this festival
everyone waiting for this festival.     

How to celebrate Makar sankranti in India.
#maker sankranti
#14th January


What is special about 31st December?

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 Why 31st decembers celebrate?

31st december is last day of the year,according to the Gregorian calander.It is such a global celebration in around world.31st celebrated as the New year's eve.31st's next day is first day of the new year.this day is celebrate in some peoples are go to outside and some are in home party who do not like to go outside,they are arrange for some small togethers at own place or home. everyone celebrate this day in their own way which they comfatable.
different different people have different fellings for that day.and many people start thinking about next  year,some peoples exited to look forward to upcoming year and their beautiful memories recollect past 12 month and remember that days.  Attendmidnight of 31st go for partying while others are church.

          In the day most schools,institutions and other businesses are close in some country. Some people have counting doen to last minute before the new year and put the stories in social media and start celebrating. 31st is the not a public holiday but it is last day of the that's why everyone keep holiday and  celebrate the midnight,in the night people are book the tickets in theaters,a clubs reserve in advance.some are celebrate the new year's eve to farwell end the year and to welcome the new year. Many people celebrate the event by exchange kisses,hugs,shake hand, Share dance each other and wishing each other "happy new year".

    New Year's Eve party

    31st december celebration party is not only one or two region but it is all regions are celebrate 31st. In the foreign country are  midnight party and fuction everyone enjoy the day,some happiness and some happend in the around word forget past and going in to new year new day new time forward to life and celebrate the the day. In the party some people drunk very much it was not good they to harm somebody, last year in i went to the party there some people drunk and doing tease and do noice which is dirty to party and irritate the people,31st december is not only party day it was a type of remembering around the year which is gone. If you was drunk then no more attrective and stamina people do not like to speak those people. Not only disadvantage in the New Year's Eve but also advantages to planing party at in home. If you have doing party home then you greater amount of freedom and also family entertainment which party make very special. And disadvantage is when you celebrate at home at that time come some guest which is damaged your property, you are the responsible to clean after done party it can difficult to control when they leave the party.

    The party in restaurant advantage is that you will have not preparing the food or any other decoration, Not worry about cleanup these are the advantage in the party in restaurant of new year's eve then no food wastege in restaurant their will  depends on how much of you are hungry order the food no wast the food and easily finish the party night .

What is special about 31st December?