What is special about 31st December?

 Why 31st decembers celebrate?

31st december is last day of the year,according to the Gregorian calander.It is such a global celebration in around world.31st celebrated as the New year's eve.31st's next day is first day of the new year.this day is celebrate in some peoples are go to outside and some are in home party who do not like to go outside,they are arrange for some small togethers at own place or home. everyone celebrate this day in their own way which they comfatable.
different different people have different fellings for that day.and many people start thinking about next  year,some peoples exited to look forward to upcoming year and their beautiful memories recollect past 12 month and remember that days.  Attendmidnight of 31st go for partying while others are church.

          In the day most schools,institutions and other businesses are close in some country. Some people have counting doen to last minute before the new year and put the stories in social media and start celebrating. 31st is the not a public holiday but it is last day of the that's why everyone keep holiday and  celebrate the midnight,in the night people are book the tickets in theaters,a clubs reserve in advance.some are celebrate the new year's eve to farwell end the year and to welcome the new year. Many people celebrate the event by exchange kisses,hugs,shake hand, Share dance each other and wishing each other "happy new year".

    New Year's Eve party

    31st december celebration party is not only one or two region but it is all regions are celebrate 31st. In the foreign country are  midnight party and fuction everyone enjoy the day,some happiness and some happend in the around word forget past and going in to new year new day new time forward to life and celebrate the the day. In the party some people drunk very much it was not good they to harm somebody, last year in i went to the party there some people drunk and doing tease and do noice which is dirty to party and irritate the people,31st december is not only party day it was a type of remembering around the year which is gone. If you was drunk then no more attrective and stamina people do not like to speak those people. Not only disadvantage in the New Year's Eve but also advantages to planing party at in home. If you have doing party home then you greater amount of freedom and also family entertainment which party make very special. And disadvantage is when you celebrate at home at that time come some guest which is damaged your property, you are the responsible to clean after done party it can difficult to control when they leave the party.

    The party in restaurant advantage is that you will have not preparing the food or any other decoration, Not worry about cleanup these are the advantage in the party in restaurant of new year's eve then no food wastege in restaurant their will  depends on how much of you are hungry order the food no wast the food and easily finish the party night .

What is special about 31st December?