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Why celebrate sankranti? about kite festival-Makar Sankranti 2020

Why Makar sankranti(kite fastival)? 

     Makarsankranti is a festival in the indian calender calebrate in 14th or 15th january ,when the sun transist east to north(makar) which day our the people called makar sankranti or uttrayana or maghi or kite festival end of the month sun rise to makar.

      most special of this festival celebrated by hindus,in the morning people wake up and do pray sun god(surya) they give the wishes making happy in life,makar sankranti celebrated in india reffered to by different names among different different regions.in the northen india's sikhs and hindus are call it lohri,central indians known by the name sukarat,assam's hindus call it bhogali bihu,in the tamil nadu,southerns are call it pongal and wastrns hindu call it uttrayana.

makar sankranti festival celebrate all right but how it celebrate?

      our are celebrate other festival in india in which makar sankranti is also celebrated with lots of fun and decoration,people wear new cloths and made of gur and til,some place in india in people celebrate to eaten khichdi,in the beginning of farming season farmer works hard in these makar sankranti day's put the work and celebrate lohri with food,folk dance. in the tamil nadu people eat rise with fresh milk and jaggery also on this day and celebrate the festival. these the festival is also in mahabharata that means these the festival has been around 2000 years,that day people visited in rivers or lakes and bathe while thanking sun which is part of them.in this day sun meet his son that's why celebrate the festival.

    some peoples are donete the some items which used full to poor people who need ,ln this festival is come to winter poor or underprivileged need the some items like food,blankets,clothes,etc are usefull the people who need this things.

    in that day childrens,young everyone flying the kite befor the night they ready to kites and threads also with ready to put speckes and early morning have wake up and going to fly kite if the cut others kite shouthing and enjoy that day. in the winter's days are going to be shorten and nights going to be longer these days are we called makar sankranti after the makar sankranti days going to be longer and nights going to be shorten.
   makar sankranti is a public holiday childrens are happy to come this festival
everyone waiting for this festival.     

How to celebrate Makar sankranti in India.
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