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How to find online content.

Find the online content 

When we try to find out any information with the help of an intemet browser like that of 'internet explorer' or 'Mozilla F irefox' the search engine will bring you millions of results. There are some search engines but “Google has become an indispensable tool.” We cannot find desired information and it may take time and so we need to narrow down our search.
  • Use key words for finding anything 
  • There's a method known as Boolean. We can use 'and', 'or', 'not' words in between the key words. The computer will understand the message and according to your wish the result would be achieved. We can also use '+' or '-' signs to add or to omit. If we don't know this we should know a URL-Uniform Resource Locator. It is actually the website address. .
  • Fixed phrase will help you. 
  • Use search engines like;; etc 
  • Combine all these tips together.