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Holi : a Joyful and Colorful Festival

Holi : A Joyful and Colorful Festival.
Holikatsav, Phagan and Vasant The auspicious confluence of the three is formed on the day of Pagan Sud Poonam. This day also coincides with the rebirth of fast. It is on this occasion that the idol of Holika combustion falls. So the next day is also celebrated as the colors blush and Spring Festival. Holi, which is the king of festivals, colors the routine dry life of a man with the colored. Apart from this, this spring festival is a celebration of restraint, message of victory of iniquity religion with truth and sincerity as well as burning of mischief hidden in the society and mind.

Holi-Dhuleti is the unique celebration of delight in the Indian festival tradition. The festival combines a triangular combination of dance, song, laughter and joy. It is important to have a sense of social cohesion with impunity. From Vasant-Fifth to Rang-Fifth, it is a wonderful opportunity to soak in the color of love. Holi-Dhuleti is the spring-summer period.

The exhilaration of the human-beings in Phagana reaches its climax. Kavivar Rabindranath Tagore likens the heat of Phagatanu to the sweetness of Priyalingan. Handreds of Thousands of honey hugs with a touch of honey, the ray's have made the vasani rider automatic and tone-like

Drawing a Holi Rangotsav, Hindi poet Gopal Singh writes,

holi flows from year to year,festival of colors.

Holi-dusty colors show off in the midst of spring rains. Everyone loves to paint in it. Everyone likes to soak in these colors. The color of devotion is also mixed here. That is why it is sung in a hymn, 'You are colored in color'. Similarly, Radhashyam Rasaraj has a beautiful description of the beautiful Holi player who played in Vraj between Krishna and Radha.

'Nand Kuvar Khellat Radha Sang,

Jamuna Pulin nice color Hori,

Saffron that fills color, sang sak haldhar ki jori .. '

At the end of this position, Paramanandas says, 'I want the happiness of Radhika's vision of Lord Shri Krishna, leaving Holiness posture and playing Holi in Vraj. Holi is played by tradition, similar to Radha-Krishna and Gop-Gopika, in the Vajra-Phagan season in Vraj for years.

'Gulalam Preeti Vardhanam. Gulal is regarded as an element of 'love-enhancing', so that the price of gulal in the dust is considered worthwhile. Holi Dhuleti's affectionate gulal loves everyone.

Holi has been named Madnotsav in Das Kumar character. Spring is considered to be a mate of work. That is why in the spring season the worship of Cupid is glorified.

According to the tradition of Pishti, Nitya Shri Thakorji is painted with Holi Gulal in Rajbhog. It is accompanied by natural colors such as cousins, decorated with flowers and decorated with flowers.
every one enjoy the holi fest then the next day of holi is called "dhuleti" that day is so colorfull day in the year everyone play to color, people make a beautifull day to befoul each other and enjoy the day.
Holi: The legends behind the festival of colors.Holi : a Joyful and Colorful Festival

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