current world population

Current World Population
  • World in the current population is nearly 8 billion,the needs of so immense variety of men can't be supported by earth's natural resources,while not degrading the standard of human life.
  • In the close to future.fuel from oil fields can dry will be not possible to fillfull the stress for food from existing agro systems. posters are overgrazed by stock and industrial growth can produce ever-greater issues thanks to pollution of soul.water and air.
  •  The world population day, which is take to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issue. The population day was established by the United Nations Development Programmer in 1989, it is generated by the day of   Five billion outgrowth, Which was observed on 11th July 1987. population increased to 1700s onward, In the wold in last 50 years to increase population growth grow fast, United Nations project population division that the world's population reach nearly 9.8 billion in 2050 and 2100 in the nearly 11.2 billion.
  • Our world in the top 10 largest countries by population
Current world population

Top 10 Countries In Population List 

  •    1.CHINA              -- 1.43billion
  •    2.INDIA                -- 1.37billion
  •    3.USA                   -- 0.33billion
  •    4.INDONASIA      -- 0.27billion
  •    5.PAKISTAN        -- 0.21billion
  •    6.BRAZIL             -- 0.21billion
  •    7.NIGERIA           -- 0.20billion
  •    8.BANGLADESH -- 0.16billion
  •    9.RUSSIA             -- 0.14billion
  •  10.MEXICO            -- 0.12billion
  • These are the most population countries day by day number of birth is increasing in the world, and death ratio is lower than birth ratio, so that population will be increase in the world, needed to stable the population then our care of limited born born baby one or two then the control the population, in the chine and India is 1st and 2nd most populated country in the country no rule of born so that population is very highest our need to rule and control the population.
  • population to damage to environment, people are unemployed, so rich people made more rich and poor people made poor, that's why our world in the shortage of grain.
  • population to more pressure on land, grow the population we need to stay in the land so that we make house, we need to more land and cut the forest so that global warming high and effect to ozone layer, then and then temperature is high, it is affection of body,if cuting trees so that rain problem.
  •  population to effect of our country low capita income so corency is down from other country, so that unproductive consumers is increasing in our world, and unproductive consumers are who not employee but they are do consume, rising population is a source of environmental degradation is our world,these are lead to loss of air and water pollution and increasing pressure on land, and also effect on the suppliers like power,travelling,food etc...,  

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current world population