Top 10 haunted places in the world


1.EDINBURGH CASTEL (Edinburgh, Scotland).
Edinburgh castle sits high on a hill overlooking the whole city and this hill is known as castle rock which sounds very game of thronesy, actually an extinct volcano now the castles pretty old the structure dates back to the 12thcentury though there are bits and bobs that have been built onto it at later dates now it does have a pretty dark history there's been a lot of bloodshed and even war here at edinburgh castle becouse there was a lot of long-term conflict between the english and scottish and monarchs there was a lot of battles fought at edinburgh castle and to hold edinburgh castle was to hold the city of edinburgh and to hold the city of edinburgh to hold the city of edinburgh was told to hold the country of scotland thid led many battles and it also saw power and the castle swapped between at the british and scottish for a long long time there's also come on a great cost to the people living in and around the castle obviously there was a lot of loss of life and a lot of sufferoing becouse of this now there is historical evidence that suggests there was at least 26 sieges that took place at edinburgh castle that makes it one of the most besieged and attacked landmarks in the whole world edinburgh castle also functioned as a royal residence for a long time as well as military barracks today it's open to the public it house the scottish crown jewels it houses the scottish national war memorial as well as war museum and it's a very interesting place to go and visit now although this is a very bustling and very busy tourist destination there's still a lot of staff as well as visitors that come through the castle reporting to paranormal experiences at edinburgh castle is actually thought to be an extremely haunted place now one of themost haunted parts of the castle is of course its dungeon and this really never comes as surprise to anybody there was a lot of people kept prisoner down there was also a lot of touture and that was on top of the already torturous conditions very poor to bee imprisoned down there and there was a lot of people that suffered malnourishment and resulted in a lot of people dying down there and that is why people say that is one of the most haunted places in the castle they belive there are a lot of these former prisoners still suffering in the depths of the dungeon all the misery and despair has just been trapped down there one of the most famous stories about one of the prisoners down in the dungeon which also results in a ghost story is that of a man who actually attempted to escape and in a way he did eacape the dungeon his plan was to bury himself in a wheelbarrow filled we've done so he covered himself in faces and he didn't wxpect be wheeled out of the castle and down the royal mile which is the very famous street connects right up to the castle instead of going down, which was very bad this man actually fell to his death which is quie horrific ever since though people belive his ghost has hung aroung and he's supposed to be quite disgrunted and actually tried to push people from the castle and guys will known if he is around you becouse he supposed to be accompanied by a really strong and intense smell of poo so if you do head the castle just be wary of that edinburgh castle was really famous ghost story relates to a young piper boy now a couple of hundred years ago there was all these vast tunnels found underneath edinburgh castle and people were so curious of them wanting to know where they led they found an entrance now the only thing with this entrance was it was a very tight fit so obviously they send down the very small piper boy he was the only one who could fit through that hole he went in very brave and was instructed to pay his bagpipes as he followed the tunnel that way everyone above ground could kind of hear him and follow him to see where the tunnel led and how far down this tunnel always the young boy entered the tunnel was playing his bagpipes everyone could hear him above ground and was following him they followed him for quite a distance down the royal mile untill all of a sudden silencefell and boyes stopped playing his bagpipes, no one acually knows what happened to this unfortunate young boy, he is presumed dead and many people belive that he countinues to haunt that tunnel there's been a lot of reports in that area of peopld hearing the faint sound of muffled bagpipes playing when there's nobody around and people belive that is the piper boys still trying to find his way out of tunnel intrestingly there is another young boy who haunt the castle to play his musical instument this young boy is that of a drummer boy now he acually shows hime self to people as being a headless apparition playing his drum he hasn't sighted or heard in a long long time though becouse legend has it he only appears and plays his drum before the castle come under battle obviously there hasn't been a lot of battles in a long time but there has been many in the past and this drummer boy has been cited and heard a lot of times but what is weirf as no one really knows who is young boy is where he come from or really what purpose is he is a pretty dark omen for the castle though becouse obviously you're about to under attact and the castle is about to exoerience even more death. 2.THE STANLY HOTEL(Estes Park, Colorado, USA).
Stanly hotel opened in 1909,i mean i'm not historial on it though having worked there you know they like everybodyknow a littel bit history. Lot of people don't know prior to the build was that in early ninteen times there were two brothers so they were co-owner builders but he actually become very sick with tuberculosis and seeking a kick stanley came out and stayed in the estes valley he fell in love with the area so ultimately, he fills the hotel and in terms of you know everybody's interest in you know haunting a lotof people don't know this but it was reported by different publication apparently, there was any thunderstorm or that opened thunderstorm knocked the power out around 25th june1911 they broughtall the hotel guestes down in to the loby and they were trying to leave like gas lamps is what they have is a backup system what happening is the housekeeper went in tried to light the gas lamp but immediately as she went in with her torch or whatever she had you know with there was huge explosion it wiped out about 10 percent of the hotel just from the explosion she survived. so nobody really knows the full mathod behind it are the truth that's where they think her spirit becose she ended up living from the main acceptance story and she goes on to work at the hotel that's the original hunting spirit that everybody feels when they go to that room 217, her name is lulian louise she have been working there three and half years, that room 217 it is one of the most active rooms in the hotel becouse of miss elizabeth wilson who coused terrible explosion here in 1911 she acually lived to tell the tale she was found beneath us in the McGregor ballroom barely breathing broken ankles very badly injured but after miss elizabeth died people started seeing her wander around this corridor where the explosion happend as if the explosion was reoccurring thoughout time as stephen king stayed here which has made it a very popular spance he had terrible nightmare tene about his son being chased which is part of the shining. it was march 2003 he had finished his employment there massive snowstorm kevin wait off the ground so we started macking phone calls and his syster knew people still understand the hotel and theysaid hey you are gonna evacuated we will give you in room an employee rate so a couple of us headed down there so he had not cheap e got a cup of friends off the mountain that could not get anywhere and it continoued the snow hard there were probably about five entire hotel as it turned out we were stuck there for couple of days but during the course of that stay there were some pretty intense paranormal things that were going on so, but it was pretty freaky right stanley hotel, it's litrally like something you would expect and he had his dog with me and so his dog was going nuts he never had his dog in the hotel before in that hotel before at this point, his room he was in the next room over from where all the activity would happen and it was 3:30 in the morning and there was a massive boom and don't like it was nice play all went running out of room all of us it seemed like it came from his room that he settled the dog was just pulling us all to go back there and as soon as he hits the door he basicaly drags me to the bathroom he's just going nuts barking at the bathroom barking you know he almost didin't want tpo open the door but he open the door and he wil never forget it it's probably the single most bone-chilling moment of his wife shower curtain had been removed from it's place and it was almost fully levitatingthe shower curtain set like this at a 45 degree with the very tip of it like it was balancing itself so it was not fully levintating, it was on the floor but you could easily see from the eye that it was not physically possiblefor that be happening. enginneer well he knew paul who acctually ended up dying leaving there they were consistently shutting down rooms specifically fouth floor one of them was 428 at the end of the day.during the interview with lillian a door in the bassement slammed closed.when the editing the vedio of the hotel's tunnel some weird she show like ghost.

The catacombs of paris i would have to say is an eerie part of french history as it is attached to many dark events before i talk about the catacombs, i first want to state the obvious if you're not foud of seeing a mass assortment of human bones then this vidio is deefinitely not for you with that said let's jump into this starting with the 17th century as the city of paris developed it became a major of player in europe, but this prograssion brought two key problems the first problem was due to high amount of people dying from disease and famine the dead took up too much space for cemeteries to handle one such cemetory dealing with excess bodies was saint in no sense paris's oldest and largest cemetry the first solution the french government came up with was to dig up the bodies and move them within the walls of the cemetery but the cemeteries eventually ran out of space for people living in the miss helen neighborhood close to laziness anse they became the first of many to complain about the terible smell of decomposing corpses coming from the cemetry perfume stores were also hit hard by the smell there wasn't until 1763 when king louis the 15th ordered by law the banning of all burials from happening in paris the church didn't like where this was heading and pushed back against the french government because they didn't want to the graves to be disturbed so the body stayed in paris after louis the 15th rule came louis 16th and he announced that all the cemeteries should be moved outside the capital however both of these lacking rulers didn't salt to overflowing bodies in paris their incompelence would make them lose royal authority over the people and led too the french revolution of 1789' anyways let's get back to 1780 when the problem reached its peak in that year during heavy periods of rainfall a wall around thease innocents buckled displacing numerous corpses into a nearby property luckily their second major problem became the solution they desperately needed around the same time in certain parts of paris the ground became unstable and collapsed this led to the read every of countless tunnels which had been used as aa quarry more than 2000 years ago by the gal of romans but these tunnels were 45 million years of evolutin in the making paris and the surrounding area were once covered by a tropical sea over time the sediment on the seabed formed layers of limestone deposits with her mind as early as the 1st century AD with the gala romans which used the limestone to built latisha the gallo-roman named for paris through the 13th century and on quarry's were used to provide large amount of stone to build such famous sites as the knocker dame cathedral and the loo for example the rediscovery of this tunnels was the solution paris needed as the mind tunnels left eempty areas to be repurposed as graves for excess bodies now known as the catacombs of paris the cemetery started to move the bodies in 1786 starting with lee inosanto chuck took around twelve years to transport all the bones to the cataacombs the number of bodies ranged between six and seven million some of the oldest graves were more then 1200 years old some of the cemeteries held femous people such as famous writers, architects and sculptors through the 14th and 1700s two key players iin the french revolution such as jean paul marat a radical voice of the revolution and maximillien de robesopierre a major influence in their revolution in the later to come regin of terror the people to die in the french revolutin would also be transferred to the catacombs so you can see a large amount of history from various periods all put into one place as early as the 1800s public tours become available but only the rich could afford to visit catacombs with th epermission of a mines inspector at one point the church was outranged about the public being able to see human bones and the catacombs were closed for around 17th years before being reagain tours in the catacombs used to be an occasion for visits per year but eventually led to being accessed daily even today the publican acts as a fraction of the tunnels which two kilomitrs 1.25 miles but there are rumors that claim the tunnels stretch around 280 kilomitres or 170 miles long spreading under paris there is only one entrance to the catacombs but again there are rumors that say there are many access point such as the sewers the metro and other various man-made holes if these secret passageways do exist they most likely are very dangerous becouse of sudden cave-ins and expose electrical wires but that still doesn't deter a cult following known as the cata files they illegally explore the tunnels trying to discover new passagewayes so what do you guys think about the catacombs of paris i find it shocking that the french citizens had to endure decades with the order of deaf at their door what i find intresting is the way