Top 10 haunted places in the world | part-2


4. the tower of london(london,England)

  The tower of london is a historic castle that resides in london england,the oldest building of the many which make up as the white tower.built for wiiliam the conqueror in 1078, the tower is an important place of british history having served as a royal recidence armory mint, and a treasury. though it is the tower of london's bloody history which has given rise to its many ghost stories, murder, executions,battles and having served as a prison between 1100 and 1952 have left trances of the paranormal all throughout the castle. one of the most famous ghost stories leading to the tower of london's repitation as one of the most haunted castles in england is that of the queen anne boleyn. she was married to king henry VIII when she was arrested for treason and taken to tower green, she was beheaded for this crime in 1536 and is thought to haunt the grounds of the castle. she is commonly seen in and around the church near where she is buried and has even been spotted near the white tower, either completly headless or holding her severed head underneath her arm.
   Another well-known ghost story of the tower of london is known as the princes of the tower. at the time of edward V's death in 1483, he left behind two young sons and heirs to the throune aged just twelve and nine.edwards brother, richard, was appointed to look after the young prince's who were staying in the white tower. The boys both soon mysteriosly disappeared and richard was crowned king. many had speculated that the boys had been murdered and their body is hidden within the castle. the legend gained weight in 1674 when the skeletons of two young children were discovered in a box sealed up in a secret chamber behind a wall while remodeling of the white tower was underway. the ghosts of the two young boys are frequently heard throughout the white tower and their spirits have been sighted wearing white night clothes cowering in the corner of the castles rooms clutching at one another in fear other ghost stories include that of the countess of salisbury who was set to be beheaded at the tower in 1541. As the ececutioner was about to swing his axe it is said she fled off running only to be chased and slowly hacked to death by the executioner's axe. Her screams are still said to echo throughout the tower of london each year on the anniversary of her death. Many other ghosts are said to share space within the tower of london's walls.there are those of other who were executed, the apparition of a bear, former king's soldiers and guards, These stories are just some of the countless paranormal reports that have come out of the Tower of London during its lengthy existence leading many to belive it to be one of the most haunted castles in England.   

5. THE MYRTLES PLANTATION (St.Francisvilla, Louisiana,USA).


     St.Francisville louisiana, the antebellum south conjures up a lot of things history tours charming gardens spanish moss and mint juleps but gone with the wind this isn't just 30 miles from baton rouge you'll find the myrtless plantation in st.francisville  don't let the pecturesque setting fool you this is the known as the most haunted bed-and-breakfast in the country check in but don't expect to make it through the night the foundation is definitely the scariest place i've ever been i've seen people actually running back to their cars there are several several people don't make it through the night at least once every two or three weeks she is a little scared that she is trying to be brave becouse we're staying here tonight the myrtless is known to be america's most haunted house she is terrified so many guests tell us stories of things that they see are people that they even talk to that should not be here she scary the myrtles was build in 1796 by general  david bradford leader of the infamous whiskey rebellion after his death it was home to the generals daughter and her husband jugde clark woodruff and that's when the myrtless killing spree began as the story goes jugde woodruff took as his mistress a young slave named chloe she was caught eavesdropping on some of the family's business as punishment judge woodruff cut off left ear in revenge chloe served the family a poisoned cake all she wanted to do was make them ill but instead she killed the judge's wife and two of their children after chloe confessed to the poisoning she was hung and to this day the ghosts of the murdered woodruff family and chloe herself are said to roam these unholy grounds rocking chair on the veranda rock on their own there handprints on the mirror that refused to be wiped away a piano plays sofly but when guests look for the pianist no one is there i worked here for over 20-some years before she worked there she did not belive in ghosts but after working there she convinced that there are ghosts, about six months after he have started he was  right there by the register out of the corner of  his eye a champagne flute shoot off the rack with so much fource that it broke off of the mirror he tried recreate it you know being a skeptic he is not wasn't able to a haunted happy hour terrifying but there's nothing creepier than ghost children she have been tugged on before always in the same place and from having children and grandchildren it's that tide pool they could even feel the little figures and she have experienced that more than once you may even meet the infamous chloe herself when they least expect it as far as people seeing chloe she can show up at any time it is not like she want to see a certain person she's just there and she's very often seen on the front of the house the little breezeway where it searates the two buildingswe have photographs where she's been seen there in fact the present owner took a shot and we belive it's chloe becouse of the turbine and the way she's dressed believe it or not there are countless people brave enough to visit the myrtles for a tour of the ghostly grounds this room is the most psychic center of the house come all way from his tragic experiences a few heartly souls eben stay the night, joy and matthew have decided to put the most haunted B&B in america to the test chloe was hung from the chandelier in the move of this one weighted down with briggs and tossed into the mississippi river heaven saying all that matt enjoy that's the room y'all staying in they say the chandelier in their room starts to rock and flicker back and fourth he want to let they both know that's the most active rom inside the house.

6. BORLEY RECTORY (Essex, England).         

    Tria rectory was build borley and just about every strange phenomana have been reported over the year so these are underwood he are president of the ghost club in england which makes you one of the leading ghost hunters and here those are at volley rectory one of the most haunted houses in the country well not actually at fall directory beecouse boiler actually stood over these and there's no longer there but the convinced beyond any shadow of  doubt that the house that stood just across the road was fully lived up to its name as the most haunted house in england he convinced the accumulation evidance over the year is absolutely shattering it all began with the legend and of course the most famaliar aspect of the haunting is ghost nun which has been seen for somthing like well nearly hundred years directed to even bricked up one of the windows because he said the phantom nun loocking at him having his breakfast but over the years phantom figures have been seen footsteps have been heard solid heavy footsteps on footboards messages have been scribbled on the walls and on pieces of paper apparently from a french nun asking for light mass and prayers bones have been found two skulls me found one was buried in church add the other will they identified as women female or one of them was identified as young female and rather interesting becouse a dental surgen discovered that there was a deep-seated abscess in the jaw bone and nearly all the people who have reported seeing them have said that she appeared sad-faced unhapy and of course with he beach she would indeed so really we're talking about a ghosts of a number two think that's what it sound like "yes yes" but putting all that on one side the patron we've got the encumbrances of for rector's from 1892 from 1863 rather until 1935 for rector's their families wives many friends and relatives all of whome said that they heard saw and falt things which they can't explain and he think the accumulated evidence is absolutely overwhelming that this was indeed the most haunted house in england it was 1937 that when the smiths were there smith had recently come to england from india and just walked into this and he wonder what was happening he saw figure he saw a phantom coach he's the lights suddenly flared up bells rang he didn't know to do and he wrote to the national paper and they sent down harry price who was the leading psychic investigator at that time and of course he was fascinating once he heard the story and started making inquiries the police asked authorities decided that the house was no longer suitable for rector to live in the price decided to rent it he rented the place for a year arranged independent investigators who were gain reported identical phenomanon footsteps lights noises bell ringing and so on then place was sold privately to crack in brixton and while he owened it somewhat mysterios fire took place the interesting thing is that once the rectory was destroyed and there was no building on the side then entities apparetly tranferred activites to the church where visiting rector's have been seen figures have heard noices many visitors have reported footsteps following them up to church path in the churches over.               

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