Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

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               Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

           It seems that we have been pushed down under a great wave of e-things. The sea of 'e' seems to be very larger Which in reality isn't. We are living in cities or comparatively a place that can be said to be developed that's why we are talking of it and hear the word 'e' now and then either for e-govenance, e-banking or like that. Computer friendly people, highly intelligent men, and scholar academicians know nething about hardcore reality that's prevailing in far cornered places or villages where prevail plenty. of problems of drinking water, sanitation, health, electricity, transportation, communication, and infrastructure.

            Internet is known as www i.e. World Wide Web.  We email to communicate with colleagues, clients and friends. We use search engines such as Google to help us find information. We visit websites to gather specific data or to keep up to date with development in our professional helds. We make travel arrangements or place order for goods online, and much more.”

             Internet provides lots of materials to anyone. There are hundreds of results  of your searched information. This is where confusion takes place which I mentioned earlier. What information is useful to you?. Did you find easily without wasting time? There are problems of its correctness, and its authenticity. So if we are sure of some skillse-learnin g is a fun.Online Reference Tools For Using Internet

            E-learners should find out online things which would be helpful. There are many dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, translation tools. There are audio and video files. Unbelievable number of images and maps, charts and graphs, projects and surveys are available There's the treasure 0f music, movies and other .entertaining things.We can have articles, journa1, magazines,presentations and reports. We can view company. websites, stores, and networks.There are blogs, vlogs; Webcasts and web-conferencing.