Statue of Unity 8th Wonder of the world declared!

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Statue of Unity finds place in '8 Wonders of SCO

Good news for all. statue of unity is declare wonder of world today 14th january 2020.
      This wonder declare by shaghai corporation group(CGO). shaghai group is in the china which is the first group who select first in the asian organization city of shaghai they kept come to meeting and declare wonder of world, it is good news to India as well as Gujrat this is declare in kite festival happy to all listening the news.
      What is statue of unity?

        Statue of unity is the statue of sardar patel(iron man) everyone know this man. everyone happy to listening the news wonder of the world.Unity of statue's hight 597 ft(182metres), which is the world's tallest statue. It is in the Gujarat is on the banks of the river Narmada. It was made in memory of Sardar Patel. He was the leader of India during the independent 1947, he serve the PM (prime minister). Full name of sardar Patel is Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel. Born 31 October 1875 in Nadiyad, Gujrat and died 15 December 1959 in Mumbai ,He was the perfect and kind political. Sardar Patel also drafting the contribution Indian 562 princely states in to Indian Union which is very difficult to joining to Union that work done by sardar Patel, As much as that is less to say sardar Patel we proud feel by that man,
       So, decide  to  our PM make statue, project was first  annaunced in 2010 It was done in 250 engineers and employeed over 3000 workers   are also big part of the construction, The core of the statue used 210,000 cubic metres of cement concrete, 18500 tonne of reinforced steel 6500 tonne of structural steel,  The outer balcony is made up of 1700 tonnes of bronze plate and 1850 tonne of bronze cladding which in turn comprise 565 macro and 6000 micro panels.

  The statue of unity which was divide  in Five Zone in the only three are accessible for the public in the first zone have a three level which include mezzanine ,roof and exhibition area there in first zone in Musium and garden , second zone reached sardar patel's thighs thighs ,third zone viewing gallery, forth zone maintain the area, fifth zone comprises shoulder, head, neck, 200 people's are hold. That is the statue of unity today declare to wonder of world.
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