Personal and food Etiquette .

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(A) Personal Etiquette .
  • There are certain things for a person to do. They are known as personal grooming or personal etiquette Let learn about  'personal etiquette’.
  • Grooming means making our look a good and clean Our appearance should be nice to look at For this there are certain things that can help. In such things we can include clothes, gestui es and postures. If we me good our personality becomes attractive. People Will like us. Our respect grows. This gives us confidence. We can become a different person. A good impression is created by following etiquette.
  • How can it be done? There are lots of people around us. We should observe them. There are some people well groomed.We can learn from them. According to our social surrounding and work place we can follow them.
  • They put on good clothes. Good doesn't mean costly or fashionable. They should be neat and clean and pressed. According to a situation formal or informal clothes can be put on; Avoid tight fitting clothes. Also avoid loose clothes as well. They should'ihatch your personality and work both. We are living in a certain social surrounding so it must not be avoided while choosing clothes.
  • Keep your age in mind. Your height or body alsoplays an important role In routme work neither formal nor informal but balance of the two should be maintained. So much simple clothes Spoil the image. Too colourful and casual creates bad image.
  •  Wash your. hair at least twice in a week. Use a  good shampoo. Keep your hair neat and trimmed.
  • Keep your nails clipped and filed.
  • Use light perfumes or body spray. According to your body basics use them and be careful in their use as well.
  • Your footwear should be comfortable for walking. Keep them clean and polished.
  • People always watch you. So walk properly. stand properly. When you stand the weight of the body should be on both the legs. Stand upright but be relaxed. Even When you are sitting the posture should be decent.
  • There are no written rules or norms but our behaviour should be polite. It should be accepted to all. It should not cross our social ethics.
  • If we know etiquette we can win people We can become successful easily. We feel good and people will also feelgood. Don‘t we expect such people? And so other people also expect the same from us. There 1s no doubt they will respect you.
  • And yes whenever you find such people don't fail to appreciate themfail ‘ to appreciate them.

(B) Food Etiquette

  • We eat everyday, but we don't know how to eat. We eat at home, at a restaurant or on some occasions. If we don't eat with manners, we may become funny. Take care ofthe following things.
  • Before eating, hands should be washed properly.Even after eating, clean your hands with a soap or lemon.
  • Take small bites.
  • Chew well Eat slowly, do not swallow.
  • No noise should came out. No doubt noise of crispy things may be there, but unnecessary sound must not come.
  • Take food as much as you want. We should not waste food as there are lots of people who don’t have any food.
  • Dish should be c1ean.1t means things should not be left scattered in the dish.
  • Keep the dish comfortable before you so that nothing is dropped outside.
  • Liquid things should be near you so that you can take it easily.
  • Eating area should remain clean. Some people drop eatables outside so the dining table, the floor, or the carpet becomes dirty. It creates very bad impression.
  • If you are on a dining table. arrange plates according to your suitability.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Let all the things be served. If there is the host let him start first.
  • If there is not a host you should start when everything is served.
  • If you want anything ask others to pass it but you shouldn't stretch your hands.
  • If the soup is hot don't blow it, because it may come out. This is not a good habit. Moreover one may have viral disease, like cold. You can take a little and try. Let it be somewhat cold, so that you can take it. Also take care you don't drop it.
  • In restaurants a handkerchief ts given, Before eating spread it on your thighs so that anything is dropped your cloths will not be dirty.
  • A after cleaning the hands, put it folded
  • When you finish put your fork and spoon upsidc down and crossed. It indicates that you have finished. If you are in a party orra dining table, then wait for others to finish.
  • Never wash hands in the dish It is the ugliest thing. Use the finger bowl or washbasin
  • Keep your mouth clean after eating.
  • Take mouth freshener so that your mouth doesn’t smell.
  • These manners make you an impressive person. They show that you are civilized . Why shouldn't good things begin with us ?
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